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The sub pages listed above are intended to briefly show the village as it developed from it’s early days. Material has been sourced from various outlets and personal input.

If anyone can offer memories, facts, put us right, whatever, we will try and include them here along with a suitable  acknowledgment on our contributors page.

But the village still thrives so it’s not only ancient stuff that our visitors will find interesting. In more recent times Catcliffe has become synonymous with nationally reported events such as the ‘Battle of Orgreave’ and the continuing saga of the floods. The southern area of the village was designated as a flood plain back in the 1800’s of course so nothing new there really. Let us know your anecdotes of such events or anything else that tells the world what Catcliffe is all about.

As readers will see, despite a few setbacks over the years, the village offers residents the chance of a good life. The floods issue is now addressed and controlled, there is a good junior school available and two excellent academys nearby. Transport links are excellent with good bus services, outstanding access to the motorway network and although it’s own airport was short lived, the Robin Hood airport offering major routes around the world is a short trip away. The Advanced Manufacturing Park will be a source of employment for years to come and is still expanding. Retail outlets are excellent and will also expand. The local businesses that survive have a good reputation.